G  E  Z  A     B  U  R  G  H  A  R  D  T



     I immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1988 from Budapest, Hungary with my family. In 1981 I received my Maestro Certificate for Fretted and Stringed Instrument Making in Budapest. I then opened my own business in Hungary.    
     When I moved to Canada I worked for many years in a music store as a luthier. In 1996 I opened my own luthiery business on Granville Island with my wife Tini who became my business partner. I mainly build guitars as well as other stringed instruments (see the gallery for samples of my work). We also do repairs and restoration for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as well as other Orchestras in Canada and the USA.
        Several times I have given lectures on instrument making and French polishing in Tacoma Washington, USA during the Luthiery Convention. I privately teach classical guitar construction and repair/restoration of the violin family.